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Community Driven Crypto Inspired

LSM is Crypto. Each design theme for future releases get voted on by you, on the blockchain. Check out the video below to see how!

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LSM X MonsterEOS.io : Large Seafaring Monster Collab!

The date is June 24, 2018. The market is taking more L's than Snoop Dog in the 90's. EOS has received more negative r...

Meet the Mammals

Bruce Wasicsko


Second best table flipper in Tokyo, blockchain enthusiast, rapper, and founder of Large Seafaring Mammal.

Phillip White


Comedian, Chef, and door to door salesman for Large Seafaring Mammal. Will also respond to OG.

Dave Williams

Head of stuff no one wants to do

Breakdancer, Business Major, and responsible for all the important stuff that no one wants to pay attention to [budgets? c'mon]. 

The Community

The real MVP's

You pick the future themes, you vote on the community design, and you keep our IG lit af. You the real MVP.

People Who Wear t-shirts

Vitalik Buterin

Co-Founder of Ethereum

Charlie Lee

Founder of Litecoin

Charlie Shrem

Entrepreneur and Bitcoin advocate

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