LSM X : Large Seafaring Monster Collab!

The date is June 24, 2018. The market is taking more L's than Snoop Dog in the 90's. EOS has received more negative reviews than the Sting & Shaggy album and....wait hold on... there was a Sting and Shaggy album this year?! Yes, Jeff, Mr. Boombastic made a brief return to put out an irrelevant duo album- don't bother.

So what do we do?

We stick together, put our heads down, and put in work to make EOS the best it can be. Actually, don't put your head down, it's not good for posture, come on you know what I mean, Jesus Christ. ANYWAYS.

LSM and MonsterEOS see the FUD and double down on the community- ALWAYS.


LSM X MonsterEOS: Match Made in Monster Heaven

Large Seafaring Mammal and are proud to announce an artistic cross-collaboration! If you don't know what Large Seafaring Mammal is, you can read about our project here.

That's what my copy guy wanted us to write- it's more important than that.

The partnership is a call for EOS devs, block producers, and community members to unite for the good of EOSIO and Blockchain. This is just one of, hopefully, many more groups coming together to push the space forward!

LSM- It's in the Game!

Our very own Wallace the Whale is going to be featured in-game for all of you savvy Monster collectors and trainers! Soon you will be able to collect, battle, and raise your very own exclusive LSM Whale monster. If you hate the brand, you can also starve him to death I guess.

Note: We deem this action virtual animal cruelty and will call the ECAF to get your account frozen. #Triggered

LSM X MonsterEOS Gear

We will be dropping a very limited run of LSM X MonsterEOS shirts in the coming weeks. Keep an eye out for the official press release for the shirt design and shipping date! Grab one to support the project, get your POWhale tokens, and start participating in the LSM ecosystem.

What's MonsterEOS.IO?

MonsterEOS is if you made Digimon and blockchain have a baby. You can spawn, raise, and eventually, battle/trade monsters on the blockchain. It's all built right on EOSIO with Scatter integration! It's the original EOS blockchain game.

Features coming soon:

  • Battles

  • Marketplace

  • Advanced Monster Stats

  • Trading

The dev's Leo and John are great guys who stand dedicated to the technology and the community. They have a pretty clear vision and want the code to be representative of what is possible on EOS.

Try the Game Now!

Setup Scatter EOS Wallet

Scatter is a way to sign transactions and provide private data without exposing keys and unnecessary information while interacting with web applications communicating with the EOS & Ethereum Blockchains.

Browse to MonsterEOS.IO

Unlock the newly created scatter wallet and enter MonsterEOS via the link the top right. Once you are in you can simply click the  New Monster icon to generate your first monster. Be sure to feed your new Blockchain Beast and prepare him for future battles in a Sakaar-like Coliseum!

How easy is that? No transaction fees, no micropayments to generate a Monster. 
Have fun!

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